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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1988 - Vol.15

Vol.15 No.02

Case Report(症例報告)

(0175 - 0178)

Unusual Sonographic Features of Mature Retroperitoneal Teratoma


Chi-Sin CHANG-CHIEN, Deng-Yn LIN, Tong-Jong CHEN, Yi-Yin JAN

Abdomen Ultrasound Unit, Division of Gastroenterology, Division of General Surgery and Department of Pathology, Lin Kou Medical Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

キーワード : Teratoma, Abdominal sonography

Because of variant structures of the teratomas, the sonographic features have many varieties reported in literatures. We report here a case of mature retroperitoneal teratoma which held three different components in a tumor, a solid part and two cysts. In one of the cysts, the sonographic features showed a special appearance resembling "fire-works" which have not been reported before. This finding may be helpful for the diagnosis of teratoma.