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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1987 - Vol.14

Vol.14 No.04

Rapid Communication(速報)

(0360 - 0362)


New Idea for Higher Efficiency of Ultrasound Mass Screening of the Prostate

張 武1, 張 続祖2, 沈 志華3, 楊 文質4

Wu ZHANG1, Xu Zu ZHANG2, Zhi Hua SHEN3, Wen-Zhi YANG4

1北京医科大学第三医院超声診断科, 2中日友好医院外科・図書情報室, 3中国科学院声学所東海研究室(上海), 4北京医科大学第三医院泌尿外科

1Department of Diagnostic Ultrasound, Third Teaching Hospital Beijing Medical University, 2Library, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, 3Shanghai Acoustic Laboratory, Institute of Acoustics, Academia Sinica, 4Department of Urology, Third Hospital Beijing Medical University

キーワード : Prostate, Mass screnning, Ultrasound

Ultrasonic scan of the prostate with transrectal rotating transducer has played an important role in diagnosis of prostatic diseases especially for detecting prostatic carcinoma. Up-to-now ultrasound facilities specially used for urology have not been enough to meet the need of screening test on a large scale. For this reason, the authors make a joint appeal: Let us develop a new type of rectal probe (see appendix) which could be used to do sector scanning of the prostate transversely. Then the potential of popular type of ultrasound facilities—numerous real-time sector scanners will be brought into full play. The transrectal rotating transducer of some type of ultrasonic instrument for urology now have been used, could also be improved for raising its efficiency. We believe that the task of screening test for prostatic carcinoma will take on a new look when advanced transrectal scanning technique is widely used as much as possible.
Appendix: From clinical point of view, a design of the transducer mentioned above has been proposed.