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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1985 - Vol.12

Vol.12 No.01

Original Article(原著)

(0042 - 0048)


Ultrasonographic Examination Using Water Enema for Colo-rectal Cancer

須藤 俊之, 近藤 博満, 対馬 健一, 樋口 茂樹, 相沢 中, 吉田 豊

Toshiyuki SUTO, Hiromitsu KONDOH, Kenichi TSUSHIMA, Shigeki HIGUCHI, Tadashi AISAWA, Yutaka YOSHIDA


1st Department of Internal Medicine, Hirosaki University School of Medicine

キーワード : Ultrasonography, Water enema, Colo-rectal cancer, Colonic polyp

 Ultrasonographic examination (US) using tepid water enema was performed in order to evaluate its diagnostic value in colo-rectal cancer. Fifty-six colonic polyps and fifty-two patients with colo-rectal cancer were studied. Tepid water enema was given to the patient before US. 37 colonic polyps (66%) were visualized, and 16 (89%) out of 18 patients with a solitary polyp, larger than 5 mm in size, were disclosed by US. 50 patients (96%) of colo-rectal cancer were detected by US. Depth of cancer invasion estimated by US was compatible with the histopathological findings in 33 cases (66%) and metastasis to the local lymph nodes was detected in 7 (32%) out of 22 cases.
 These results showed that US examination using water enema is useful for investigating colo-rectal cancer, particularly in evaluating depth of cancer invasion and detecting metastasis to the local lymph nodes.