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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1984 - Vol.11

Vol.11 No.06

Case Report(症例報告)

(0369 - 0374)


Pharmaco-cholecystosonography in the Diagnosis of the Gallbladder Diseases-An Attempt to Enhance the Diagnostic Accuracy with the Use of Dehydrocholic Acid Intravenously

仲野 敏彦, 土屋 幸治, 大藤 正雄, 品川 孝, 常富 重幸, 守田 政彦, 木村 邦夫, 税所 宏光, 奥田 邦雄

Toshihiko NAKANO, Yukihiro TSUCHIYA, Masao OHTO, Takashi SHINAGAWA, Shigeyuki TSUNETOMI, Masahiko MORITA, Kunio KIMURA, Hiromitsu SAISHO, Kunio OKUDA


The 1st Department of Medicine, School of Medicine, Chiba Univ.

キーワード : Pharmaco-cholecystosonography, Dehydrocholic acid, Gallbladder

Pharmaco-cholecystosonography by administration of dehydrocholic acid was performed in 14 normal subjects and 52 patients with gallbladder diseases. Thirty minutes after administration, a normal gallbladder showed enlargement of the size compared with that before. Enlargement ratio was 185±36% (M±S.D.).
Pharmaco-cholecystosonography was effective for evaluation of cystic duct patency. The improved diagnosis was obtained in 9 out of 21 patients with gallbladder identified with difficulty or not identified on ultrasonogram. Pharmaco-cholecystosonography may be usefully applied when conventional sonography failed to demonstrate the lumen of the gallbladder clearly.