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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1984 - Vol.11

Vol.11 No.05

Case Report(症例報告)

(0307 - 0311)


A Comparative Study on Echogenicity and Histological Findings of the Gallbladder Tumors

西村 庸夫1, 若林 久男1, 大久保 博忠1, 赤松 興一1, 太田 康幸1, 大越 輝紀2, 藤石 秀三2

Nobuo NISHIMURA1, Hisao WAKABAYASHI1, Hirotada OHKUBO1, Kouichi AKAMATSU1, Yasuyuki OHTA1, Terunori OHKOSHI2, Shuuzou FUJIISHI2

1愛媛大学医学部第3内科, 2町立吉田総合病院外科

1Third Department of Internal Medicine, Ehime University School of Medicine, 2Department of Surgery, Yoshida General Hospital

キーワード : Ultrasound, Carcinoma, Cholesterol polyp, Rokitansky-Aschoff sinus, Adenomyomatosis

It is quite difficult to distinguish carcinoma from other types of benign polypoid lesions of the gallbladder with ultrasound. We experienced 14 patients with polypoid lesions of the gallbladder in whom ultrasound examination and cholecystectomy were performed and echo levels of the polypoids and histological types were compared.
The echogenicity of cholesterol polyps and adenomyomatosis in abundance with Rokitansky-Aschoff sinuses were higher than that of the liver parenchyma at the same depth. However, adenomyomatosis with a few Rokitansky-Aschoff sinuses had almost the same echo level with the liver parenchyma. Adenomas of the gallbladder had the higher echo level than carcinomas.
Hystological findings suggest that the echogenicity of polypoid lesions of the gallbladder depend on the volume density of the ductal structures, the cystic formations and / or the foam cells.