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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1984 - Vol.11

Vol.11 No.04

Original Article(原著)

(0213 - 0218)

Potato Starch Gel胃充満法による膵超音波検査

Ultrasonic Examination of Pancreas by Filling Stomach with Potato Starch Gel

鈴木 俊, 宮内 聡一郎, 渡辺 潤, 野中 洋, 山口 裕国, 市川 幹雄, 近藤 俊文

Takashi SUZUKI, Soichiro MIYAUCHI, Jun WATANABE, Hiroshi NONAKA, Hirokuni YAMAGUCHI, Mikio ICHIKAWA, Toshifumi KONDO


Department of Internal Medicine, Uwajima Municipal Hospital

キーワード : pancreas, Potato Starch Gel, acoustic window, stomach, ultrasonic examination

To obtain wide scanning field with high resolution and improve visualizability in ultrasonic examination of the pancreas, a new method was developed with the aid of Potato Starch Gel.
The whole procedures are as follows: (1) Butropium bromide (4 mg) is given intramuscularly in fasting state. (2) 300 ml of 10% Potato Starch Gel is ingested about 5 minutes after the injection. (3) Scans are mainly performed with sitting position and occasionally with right decubitus position by linear electronic equipment.
In three cases which poorly visualized the pancreas by filling stomach with water, we tried to do that by filling stomach with Potato Starch Gel and obtained the improved visualizability. We think that Potato Starch Gel expand the indication of a filling stomach method than the liquid like water.
In the same 37 subjects, we compared the visualization rate of this method with that of conventional method, we found that the remarkable improvement of the visualization in this method was in the tail and in 81% of them the head, in 97% the body and in 78% the tail were well visualized in this method. We believe that this method sufficiently contribute to the improved visualizability of the whole pancreas, especially in the tail.