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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1984 - Vol.11

Vol.11 No.01

Original Article(原著)

(0005 - 0009)

僧帽弁置換患者の左室容量変化と流入パターンの非観血的計測 —超音波パルス・ドプラ法を用いて—

Non-invasive Evaluation of Left Ventricular Volume Change and Inflow Pattern in Prosthetic Mitral Valve by Pulsed Doppler Echocardiography

渡辺 賢一1, 永井 恒雄1, 林 千治1, 細川 修1, 山添 優1, 矢沢 良光1, 柴田 昭1, 林 純一2, 大谷 信一2, 江口 昭治2

Kenichi WATANABE1, Tsuneo NAGAI1, Senji HAYASHI1, Osamu HOSOKAWA1, Masaru YAMAZOE1, Yoshimitsu YAZAWA1, Akira SHIBATA1, Junichi HAYASHI2, Shinichi OHTANI2, Shoji EGUCHI2

1新潟大学医学部第一内科, 2新潟大学医学部第二外科

1The First Department of Internal Medicine,Niigata University School of Medicine, 2The Second Department of Surgery, Niigata University School of Medicine

キーワード : pulsed Doppler technique, cardiac output, mitral valve replacement, size of mitral annulus

 Left ventricular volume change and inflow pattern in patients with prosthetic mitral valve were evaluated non-invasively by a pulsed Doppler flowmeter combined with an electronic beam sector scanning echocardiography.  20 subjects consisted of 10 patients with St. Jude Medical-27M (SJM, bi-leaflet center opening) and other ten with SJM-29M prosthetic valve. Left ventricular volume change was determined from left ventricular cineangiogram (LVG) based on the area-length method in 2 cases with sinus rhythm. Cardiac output obtained by thermodilution method was compared with that by Doppler's method. Velocities of diastolic left ventricular volume changes by LVG were matched to transmitral flow velocities (TFV), but total volumes by Doppler's method were larger than those by LVG. Cardiac output by Doppler's method showed a good correlation with that by thermodilution's method (r = 0.79 in 27M and 0.69 in 29M). These data indicate that TFV by Doppler flowmeter is useful for estimating instantaneous diastolic volume change of left ventricle and stroke volume non-invasively.