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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1981 - Vol.8

Vol.8 No.03

Original Article(原著)

(0237 - 0243)


Ultrasonographic Approach to Gastric Dideases

朝井 均1, 緒方 和男2, 市吉 誠2, 田中 一雄2

Hitoshi ASAI1, Kazuo OGATA2, Makoto ICHIYOSHI2, Kazuo TANAKA2

1大阪市立大学医学部第三内科, 2田中外科病院

1The 3rd Department of Internal Medicine, Osaka City University Medical School, 2Tanaka Surgical Hospital

キーワード : stomach wall thickness, central strong echo, high level echo, pseudokidney sign, bull's eye sign

 Ultrasonographic examination is being utilized more frequently as a primary screening procedure for patients with upper abdominal complaints.
 We report here of the cases in which we achieved diagnosing ultrasonographically gastric diseases such as acute gastritis, gastric ulcer and carcinoma by the real time electronic linear scanner.
 In all cases reported in this paper, sonography was performed prior to other examinations such as radiographic and endoscopic ones.
 Especially, it was very effective for patients with gastric carcinoma widely invaded through the stomach wall.
 A characteristic sonographic pattern suggesting a malignant neoplasm of the stomach is called the sign of "pseudokidney" or "bull's eye" This pattern consists of central strong echo surrounded by a sonolucent rim corresponding to thickening of the stomach wall.
 So, we are quite sure that various gastric disorders may be encountered more frequently during the abdominal sonographic studies performed prior to other examinations, if very carefully observed.