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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2016 - Vol.43

Vol.43 No.Supplement

特別プログラム 領域横断
パネルディスカッション 領域横断 1(一部英語) Point of care超音波検査


The role of POC lung US for acute care physician

HA Young-Rock

Young-Rock HA

Emergency Department, Bundang Jesaeng Hospital

キーワード :

・Certified Emergency physician (KSEM)
・Certified Critical Care Physician (KSCCM)
・Certified physician for Echocardiography (KSECHO)
・Adjunctive professor of Dept of EMT in Dongnam Health College.
・Vice President, Society of Emergency and Critical Care Imaging (SECCI)
・Board of Director, Korean Society of Critical Care Medicine (KSCCM)
・Faculty and instructor, Essential Surgical Procedures in Trauma (ESPIT) in Korea.
・Board of Director, WINFOCUS (World Interactive Network of Focused on Critical Ultrasound)
・Faculty and instructor, USLS BL1P, USLS AL1P, WBE, and WBLUS of WINFOUCS
・International faulty of AACES in Singapore.
・Director of SEARCH (Sonographic Evaluation of Aetiology for Respiratory difficulty, Chest pain, or Hypotension) 9Es course in Korea.
・An author of Ultrasound chapter, Korean text books of both Trauma and Critical care medicine.