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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2005 - Vol.32

Vol.32 No.03

Original Article(原著)

(323 - 327)

白血病移植マウスにおけるPorfimer Sodiumの音響化学療法の有用性

Usefulness of Sonodynamic Treatment with Porfimer Sodium in Killing Leukemic Cells in Vivo

内田 俊毅1, 立花 克郎2, 今永 一成1, 田村 和夫3

Toshiki UCHIDA1, Katsuro TACHIBANA2, Issei IMANAGA1, Kazuo TAMURA3

1福岡大学医学部生理学, 2福岡大学医学部解剖学, 3福岡大学医学部第一内科

1Department of Physiology, Fukuoka University School of Medicine, 2Department of Anatomy, Fukuoka University School of Medicine, 3First Department of Internal Medicine, Fukuoka University School of Medicine

キーワード : leukemia, mouse, porfimer sodium, Photofrin, sonodynamic therapy

我々は, 光感受性物質であるPorfimer Sodium (Pf)と超音波を併用した音響化学療法のモデル実験をin vivoで行った. 白血病細胞株であるL-1210細胞を移植したマウス(BDF 1, n=30)に対して, Pfを腹腔内へ100 μg投与後, 超音波(47 kHz, 5×104 Pa)を5分間連続照射し, コントロール群, Pf単独投与群, 超音波照射単独群, 超音波照射+Pf投与併用群の各々の生存期間を比較した. 平均生存日数とその標準偏差はそれぞれ, 15.7±1.8日, 14.3±1.6日, 15.2±2.5日, 22.2±8.8日で, 超音波照射+Pf投与併用群の生存期間は, 他のグループと比べ有意(p

Purpose. To determine if low-intensity ultrasound (US) in combination with porfimer sodium (Pf) can kill leukemic tumor cells in vivo. Materials and Methods. Porfimer sodium (100 μg) was administered peritoneally to mice (BDF 1) in which L-1210 leukemia cells had been implanted. The mice were then irradiated with ultrasound (47 kHz, 5×104 Pa) for 5 minutes. Control mice were separated into a porfimer sodium administration alone group, an ultrasound irradiation alone group, and a neither porfimer sodium administration nor ultrasound irradiation group, and the survival times of the groups were compared. Results and Discussion. Average survival time was 15.7±1.8 (mean±SD) days in the group treated with neither porfimer sodium administration nor ultrasound irradiation, 14.3±1.6 days in the porfimer sodium administration alone group, and 15.2±2.5 days in the ultrasound alone group. The group treated with both porfimer sodium administration and ultrasound irradiation (22.2±8.8 days) survived significantly longer than those in the control groups. This result suggests that the longer survival resulted from the greater tumor-cell killing effect of the combination of ultrasound and porfimer sodium than of porfimer sodium or ultrasound alone. Conclusion. Administration of porfimer sodium and ultrasound irradiation to tumor implanted mice significantly extended survival time.