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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2002 - Vol.29

Vol.29 No.06

Case Report(症例報告)

(J561 - J567)

超音波による大腸ポリープのスクリーニング: 2 ㎝以下のポリープの検討

Ultrasonographic Detection of Colonic Polyps: Screening for Polyps Less Than 2 cm in Diameter

湯浅 肇1, 吉田 脩一1, 若林 宏和1, 伊東 徹2, 橘 尚吾3, 浅野 耕吉4

Hajime YUASA1, Shuuiti YOSHIDA1, Hirokazu WAKABAYASHI1, Toru ITOH2, Shogo TATIBANA3, Khokiti ASANO4

1天竜厚生会診療所内科, 2天竜厚生会診療所放射線科, 3錦野クリニック外科, 4浅野医院

1Department of Internal Medicine, Tenryu Kouseikai Clinic, 2Department of Radiology, Tenryu Kouseikai Clinic, 3Department of Surgery, Nishikino Clinic, 4Department of Internal Medicine, Asano Clinic

キーワード : colonic polyp, sonography

Ultrasonography is widely recognized for its usefulness in diagnosing inflammatory bowel diseases and intestinal diseases accompanied by ulcers. Many studies have shown the usefulness of ultrasound for detecting intestinal tumors with the pseudokidney sign and other advanced colon cancers. Through ordinary ultrasound screening of the abdomen, we were able to find small colonic polyps less than 2 cm in diameter. We first observed the entire colon by longitudinal scanning and then observed it transversely from the ileocecum through the rectum. We then tried to observe the whole bowel wall by probe compression to extrude the intraluminal air. Strongly contrasted hypoechoic masses surrounded by highly brightened marginal echoes caused by attached fecal liquid were sought. Lesions containing color Doppler signals were classified as polyps. As a result, ten of 1616 subjects examined were found to have colonic polyps, 3 of which were advanced colon cancer with circumferential tumors greater than 3 cm in diameter; the other 7 cases had small polyps less than 2 cm (range, 9 mm to 20 mm) in diameter. Ultrasonographic examination was shown to be useful in finding colonic polyps less than 2 cm in diameter.