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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2001 - Vol.28

Vol.28 No.05

Original Article(原著)

(J767 - J771)


The Influence of Aging on Renal Blood Flow in Human Beings

手塚 清恵1, 星 伴路1, 角谷 英治2, 北小路 博司2, 矢田 康文1, 本郷 文弥4, 渡辺 泱3, 斉藤 雅人1

Kiyoe TETSUKA1, Tomoji HOSHI1, Eiji SUMIYA2, Hiroshi KITAKOJI2, Yasufumi YADA1, Fumiya HONGO4, Hiroki WATANABE3, Masahito SAITOH1

1明治鍼灸大学泌尿器科学教室, 2明治鍼灸大学臨床鍼灸医学教室, 3明治鍼灸大学大学院基礎医学教室, 4京都府立医科大学泌尿器科学教室

1Department of Urology, Meiji University of Oriental Medicine, 2Department of Oriental Medicine, Meiji University of Oriental Medicine, 3Department of Clinical Acupuncture and Moxibustion Meiji University of Oriental Medicine, 4Department of Urology, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine

キーワード : color flow imaging, renal blood flow, resistive index, ultrasound

Objects: We studied the relationship between age and renal blood flow parameters to determine the clinical significance of using Doppler color flow imaging (CFI) in their measurement. Subjects and Methods: One hundred forty-four healthy subjects with no renal or circulatory diseases took part in this study. All subjects were placed in the prone position and examined with CFI. The kidney was visualized in a longitudinal view, and blood flow in the interlobar arteries was studied. Peak systolic flow velocity (Vmax), end-diastolic flow velocity (Vmin), and resistive index (RI) were used as blood flow parameters. Results: Age and Vmax were not significantly associated (p=0.03) in the interlobar artery. Vmin decreased significantly (pDiscussion: Ishimura et al have reported that RI was significantly correlated with age in diabetic patients. Here the same result was obtained in healthy subjects. The incidence of arteriosclerosis is known to increase with age. In general, RI is influenced by vascular resistance. Increase in RI with age in this study was explained by the effect of arteriosclerosis on age-related vascular resistance. These results suggest that age should be considered in the study of blood flow in the kidney.