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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1998 - Vol.25

Vol.25 No.10

Original Article(原著)

(0999 - 1004)

Whole breast scanningで発見された非触知乳腺腫瘤に対する超音波ガイド下穿刺吸引細胞診の検討

Ultrasound-Guided Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsy for Nonpalpable Breast Lesions Detected by Whole-Breast Scanning

奥野 敏隆1, 内田 浩也2, 東 貞之2, 毛利 衣子2, 石川 泰1, 橋本 公夫3

Toshitaka OKUNO1, Hiroya UCHIDA2, Sadayuki AZUMA2, Kinuko MORI2, Toru ISHIKAWA1, Kimio HASHIMOTO3

1西神戸医療センター外科, 2西神戸医療センター臨床検査技術部, 3西神戸医療センター病理科

1Department of Surgery, Nishi-Kobe Medical Center, 2Clinical Laboratory, Nishi-Kobe Medical Center, 3Department of Pathology, Nishi-Kobe Medical Center

キーワード : Breast cancer screening, Breast fine-needle biopsy, Mammary ultrasonography, Nonpalpable breast lesion

We attempted to appraise the ability of ultrasound and subsequent fine-needle aspiration biopsy and cytologic examination in the screening of breast cancer. To find nonpalpable breast cancers, we performed whole-breast scanning on those patients with breast disease who visited the outpatient clinic of this institution. Three hundred and three nonpalpable solid breast lesions were detected by ultrasound in 2227 whole-breast examinations. One hundred and five of these 303 lesions were subjected to ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration biopsy and cytologic examination (USGABC). Cytologic findings indicated that the lesions were definitely malignant in 9 cases; suspicious in 7 cases, which included two confirmed cancers; and benign in 74 cases, which contained no cases of false negative. Surgery confirmed malignancy in 11 (0.49%) of the 2227 cases in which whole-breast scanning had been performed. Whole-breast scanning and subsequent USGABC are useful for detecting nonpalpable breast cancers and determining choice of surgical treatment procedure.