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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1997 - Vol.24

Vol.24 No.08

Original Article(原著)

(1019 - 1024)


Use of Transthoracic Doppler Echocardiography to Measure Intramyocardial Coronary Flow in Patients With Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

谷川 直, 進藤 敦史, 知久 正明, 森内 正人, 斎藤 穎, 小沢 友紀雄, 上松瀬 勝男

Naoshi TANIGAWA, Atsushi SINDOU, Masaaki CHIKU, Masahito MORIUCHI, Satoshi SAITO, Yukio OZAWA, Katsuo KANMATSUSE


Second Department of Internal Medicine, Nihon University School of Medicine

キーワード : Cardiomyopathy, Coronary circulation, Color Doppler echocardiography, Pulsed Doppler echocardiograpby, Ventricular hypertrophy

Twenty-three consecutive patients (59±14 years of age) with left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) were classified into two groups: a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) group contained 14 patients and a miscellaneous LVH group contained 9 patients, of whom 7 had hypertension and 2 had aortic valve stenosis. Ten normal subjects (38±15 years of age) served as controls. Intramyocardial (IMC) and distal left anterior descending coronary flow (LAD) was first visualized by color Doppler imaging; a phasic flow velocity wave form was obtained later by pulsed Doppler with a 2 to 3-mm wide sample volume located within the coronary artery from the middle of the left ventricular anteroseptal wall to the apical anterior wall. Peak diastolic flow velocity of IMC in the LVH group was 39.2±14.4 cm/sec and 19.3±3.7 cm/sec in the control group (p