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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1997 - Vol.24

Vol.24 No.07

Rapid Communication(速報)

(0973 - 0979)


Intraoperative Power Doppler Sonography in Spinal-Cord Surgery

佐藤 公治1, 松山 幸弘1, 川上 紀明2, 地挽 隆夫3, 岩田 久1

Koji SATO1, Yukihiro MATSUYAMA1, Noriaki KAWAKAMI2, Takao JIBIKI3, Hisashi IWATA1

1名古屋大学整形外科, 2名城病院整形外科, 3GE横河メディカルシステム株式会社

1Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Nagoya University School of Medicine, 2Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Meijo Hospital, 3GE Yokogawa Medical Systems, Ltd.

キーワード : Intraoperative ultrasonography , Power Doppler method, Power mode, Spinal-cord monitoring, Spinal surgery

We assessed the value of intraoperative power Doppler in spinal-cord surgery. Sixteen patients underwent spinal surgery in which intraoperative power Doppler was used: 4 cases of cervical myelopathy, 3 cases of ossification of the spinal ligament, 5 cases of extramedullary spinal tumor, 3 cases of intramedullary spinal tumor, and 1 case of spinal arteriovenous malformation (AVM). Spinal surgery requires an atraumatic area that is free of bleeding. We used the real-time power Doppler method to confirmed the anterior spinal artery, central artery, vessels of the subdural space, the feeding artery of spinal tumors, blood flow around spinal tumors, and the drain of AVM, but the B-mode gray scale Doppler method was unable to confirm them. Intraoperative power Doppler was found to be helpful, reliable, and safe in spinal surgery.