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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1996 - Vol.23

Vol.23 No.04

Original Article(原著)

(0271 - 0280)


Simultaneous Measurement of Small Vibrations at Multiple Points on the Aortic Wall, and the Analysis of Their Spectra

近藤 誠, 小澤 仁, 金井 浩, 中鉢 憲賢

Makoto KONDO, Masashi OZAWA, Hiroshi KANAI, Noriyoshi CHUBACHI


Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tohoku University

キーワード : Arteriosclerosis, Measurement at multiple points, Pulse-wave velocity, Spectrum analysis, Ultrasonic Doppler method

We previously proposed a noninvasive method for diagnosing early-stage arteriosclerosis. This method used ultrasound to detect small vibrations at two adjacent points on the aortic wall. Here we propose a new method for simultaneous measurement of small vibrations at multiple points within several centimeters on the aortic wall by controlling the direction of the ultrasound beam produced by an ultrasonic diagnostic system. By analyzing signals from these small vibrations, we obtained simultaneous local pulse-wave velocities at multiple points along the aorta. The principle of this method is described, as is its confirmation through experiments using a silicone tube in a water tank and experiments in vivo for the wall of the abdominal aorta.