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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1994 - Vol.21

Vol.21 No.07

Original Article(原著)

(0455 - 0460)


Usefulness of a Newly Developed Low Attenuation Acoustic Couplant Gel (Paraquest) in Superficial Ultrasound Examination

兵藤 公一1, 平井 都始子1, 大石 元1, 山田 麗子1, 廣橋 里奈1, 本田 伸行1, 打田 日出夫1, 本多 基春2, 田中 考2

Koichi HYODO1, Toshiko HlRAI1, Hajime OHISHI1, Reiko YAMADA1, Rina HIROHASHI1, Nobuyuki HONDA1, Hideo UCHIDA1, Motoharu HONDA2, Kow TANAKA2

1奈良県立医科大学放射線科・腫癌放射線科, 2GE横河メディカルシステム(株)超音波事業部プローブ開発部

1Department of Radiology/Oncoradiology, Nara Medical University, 2Probe Offering Department, Ultrasound Business Division, GE Yokogawa Medical Systems, Ltd.

キーワード : Acoustic couplant, Superficial organs, Paraquest, Low attenuation, Acoustic impedance

Various types of acoustic couplant gels have been used for superficial ultrasound examination, but it is difficult to attain optimum images in some cases. To cope with this problem, some new acoustic couplant gels have recently been developed. Such gels are primarily designed to have low attenuation and to optimize acoustic impedance against human derma. Similarly to such types of acoustic couplant gel, Paraquest also features low attenuation (0.5 dB/cm at 5 MHz) and the ability to match acoustic impedance to derma (1.58×106kg&・m-2・s-1). Paraquest's physical characteristics and clinical usefulness were compared to those of conventional couplants. Paraquest has advantages in terms of allowing for high-resolution and high-contrast B-mode images, and fine color flow mapping images, especially when high frequency probes are used. Low attenuation induced multiple-reflection artifacts. However, such artifacts could be reduced through the proper selection of gel thickness. Paraquest, low-attenuation acoustic couplant gel, was considered highly useful in the ultrasonographic diagnosis of superficial organs.