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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1993 - Vol.20

Vol.20 No.07

Case Report(症例報告)

(0446 - 0450)


Ganglioneuroma of the Adrenal Gland: A Case Report

西 律1, 鶴海 博1, 北川 友朗1, 秋元 寛1, 丸川 治 1, 李 喬遠1, 水谷 均1, 曽我部 俊大1, 前田 正明2, 村田 喜代史3

Takashi NISHI1, Hiroshi TURUMI1, Tomoo KITAGAWA1, Hiroshi AKIMOTO1, Osamu MARUKAWA1, Kyowon LEE1, Hitoshi MIZUTANI1, Toshihiro SOGABE1, Masaaki MAEDA2, Kiyoshi MURATA3

1京都洛西シミズ病院外科, 2京都洛西シミズ病院内科, 3京都洛西シミズ病院放射線科

1Department of Surgery, Rakusai Shimizu Hospital, 2Department of Internal Medicine, Rakusai Shimizu Hospital, 3Department of Radiology, Rakusai Shimizu Hospital

キーワード : Ganglioneuroma, Adrenal tumor, Ultrasonography

A 37-year-old male who complained of left upper abdominal pain was revealed to have a well demarcated ovoid tumor of the left adrenal gland upon ultrasonography (US). The tumor has a solid echo pattern and generally hypoechoic internal echo, but there was mildly heterogeneous hyperechoic area. Total excision of the tumor was performed. The tumor was firm, 10.0×6.0×6.0 cm in size and weighed 280 g. Its cut surface was smooth and yellowish white. Microscopically typical findings of the ganglioneuroma were found, indicating the persence of large ganglion cells in a fibrous stroma. Ganglioneuroma occurring in the adrenal gland is relatively rare, and this case is only the 55th to be reported in Japan. Over the past three years, 27.8% of all reported cases were diagnosed by US. Most of the cases had a homogeneous hypoechoic pattern, however, one-third of the cases showed a heterogeneous hyperechoic area, like that in our case.