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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1993 - Vol.20

Vol.20 No.01

Case Report(症例報告)

(0059 - 0062)


A Case of cyst-forming Male breast cancer in Tumor on Ultrasonography

吉井 友季子, 加藤 保之, 藤本 泰久, 春次 智三郎, 妙中 直之, 前川 仁, 東 雄三, 西野 裕二, 曽和 融生

Yukiko YOSHII, Yasuyuki KATO, Yasuhisa FUJIMOTO, Tomosaburo HARUTSUGU, Naoyuki TAENAKA, Hitoshi MAEKAWA, Yuzo HIGASHI, Hiroji NISHINO, Michio SOWA


The First Department of Surgery, Osaka City University Medical School

キーワード : Male breast cancer, Ultrasonography, Cyst formation in tumors

Breast cancer in men is rare, representing only 1% of all breast cancer. However, in some cases it is difficult to distinguish between male breast cancer and gynecomastia.
The ultrasonographic findings on male breast cancer are almost the same as those on female breast cancer. However, cyst formation in tumors seems to be a characteristic of male breast cancer.
Male breasts are flat, therefore, ultrasonography is the most useful method of screening.
Case: A male breast cancer with cyst changes in the tumor was seen by ultrasonograms. A 68-year-old man visited our hospital with a mass in his right breast which had slowly increased in size. Sonographically, it was found to be a 3.4×2.6×3.2 cm hypoechoic mass with a heterogeous internal structure and cysts, which had a large D/W ratio and signs of having invaded the skin.
Ultrasonography led to the preoperative diagnosis of male breast cancer. A right extended radical mastectomy was performed, and microscopic examination of the resected specimen revealed papillo-tubular carcinoma.