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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1992 - Vol.19

Vol.19 No.11

Original Article(原著)

(0764 - 0770)


Usefulness of Ultrasonic Examination both for the Breast and Thyroid Gland —Occult Cases of the Thyroid Cancer—

森本 芳和1, 山崎 元1, 桑田 圭司1, 山崎 芳郎1, 伊藤 章1, 田中 靖士1, 河本 陽介1, 福岡 晃子2, 北田 弘美2, 林 寿朗2

Yoshikazu MORIMOTO1, Hajime YAMASAKI1, Keiji KUWATA1, Yoshio YAMASAKI1, Akira ITOH1, Yasushi TANAKA1, Yousuke KOHMOTO1, Teruko FUKUOKA2, Hiromi KITADA2, Jirou HAYASHI2

1大阪厚生年金病院外科, 2大阪厚生年金病院中央検査部

1Osaka Kousei-Nenkin Hospital, Department of Surgery, 2Osaka Kousei-Nenkin Hospital, Central Laboratory

キーワード : Ultrasonic studies, Occult thyroid cancer, Simultaneous examinations

Over the past four years, 1018 patients with breast tumors underwent an ultrasonic examination both for the breast and thyroid gland. We found 24 cases (2.4%) of occult thyroid cancer by ultrasonography and performed radical operations in 13 cases. Six cases (46.2%) of these resected cases were included in "tis" or "t1" cases. Some of these cases were of advanced cancer with lymph node metastasis, local invasion or anaplastic carcinoma. Five of the 13 cases of radical operation on the thyroid gland had also undergone operation on breast cancer. In summary, we should inspect the thyroid gland simultaneously when we examine the breast with ultrasonography.