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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1991 - Vol.18

Vol.18 No.05

Original Article(原著)

(0436 - 0443)

肝内門脈分岐異常(右側門脈臍部)の臨床的意義 -自験5例における検討-

Clinical Significance of Anomalous Branching of Intrahepatic Portal Vein (Right-Sided Umbilical Portion)

山崎 元1, 宮崎 知1, 種村 匡弘1, 森本 芳和1, 貴島 弘樹1, 坂本 嗣郎1, 山崎 芳郎1, 桑田 圭司1, 福岡 晃子2, 北田 弘美2

Hajime YAMASAKI1, Satoru MIYAZAKI1, Masahiro TANEMURA1, Yoshikazu MORIMOTO1, Hiroki KISHIMA1, Tsuguo SAKAMOTO1, Yoshio YAMASAKI1, Keiji KUWATA1, Teruko FUKUOKA2, Hiromi KITADA2

1大阪厚生年金病院外科, 2大阪厚生年金病院中央検査科

1Department of Surgery, Osaka Koseinenkin Hospital, 2Department of Central Laboratory, Osaka Koseinenkin Hospital

キーワード : Right-sided umbilical portion of portal vein, Anomalous branching, Hepatic surgery

From Jan. 1988 to May 1990, five cases with a right-sided umbilical portion (UP) of the portal vein were found with prospective ultrasound (US) study in 2210 patients. Two out of five patients with right-sided UP had hepatic lesions. One patient had a hepatocellular carcinoma and multiple anomalies including a preduodenal portal vein, the absence of the vena cava inferior at the hepatic portion, polysplenia, intestinal malrotation, annular pancreas and a left-sided gall bladder. Another patient had an intrahepatic hematoma caused by a traffic accident. In the three patients without hepatic lesions, the right-sided UP of portal vein was found accidentally. Careful hepatic surgery was necessary to avoid injury in patients with a right-sided UP of the portal vein.