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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1989 - Vol.16

Vol.16 No.05

Case Report(症例報告)

(0492 - 0498)


A Case of Leiomyosarcoma of the Liver

石原 昭彦1, 北川 直之1, 辻 泰弘1, 春藤 譲治1, 伊東 進1, 岸 清一郎1, 森 博愛1, 島村 善行3, 長谷川 博4

Akihiko ISHIHARA1, Naoyuki KITAGAWA1, Yasuhiro TSUJI1, Joji SYUNDO1, Susumu ITO1, Seiichiro KISHI1, Hiroyoshi MORI1, Yoshiyuki SHIMAMURA3, Hiroshi HASEGAWA4

1徳島大学医学部第二内科, 2徳島大学医学部第一病理, 3国立療養所松戸病院外科, 4国立がんセンター病院外科

1The Second Department of Internal Medicine, University of Tokushima, School of Medicine, 2The First Department of Pathology, University of Tokushima, School of Medicine, 3Department of Surgery, National Matsudo Hospital, 4Department of Surgery, National Cancer Center Hospital

キーワード : Leiomyosarcoma, Ultrasonography, Liver hypoechoic lesion, Mosaic pattern

A case of leiomyosarcoma of the liver in a 65-year-old man was reported.
Laboratory examinations showed mild liver dysfunction (TTT5.6, ICG R15 15%), but tumor markers including AFP were within normal limits except for slightly elevated CEA (6.8 ng/ml).
Ultrasonography (US) demonstrated a smooth and round hypoechoic lesion with irregular echogenic spots in medial segment of left hepatic lobe, which was about 3.9×3.0 cm in diameter.
CT scan showed a round low density area and scintigraphy showed a cold nodule. Angiography disclosed slightly irregular tumor vessels, but not tumor stain nor hypervasculanty.
Hepatoma of left hepatic lobe was suspected preoperatively. The resected tumor was measured 4.0×3.7×3.5 cm in diameter and contained necrotic areas. Histologically it was a typical leiomyosarcoma with many mitotic figures.