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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1988 - Vol.15

Vol.15 No.06

Original Article(原著)

(0490 - 0496)


Microwave Coagulation of the Prostate under Transabdominal Electronic Sector Scanning

木暮 輝明1, 原田 忠1, 餌取 和美1, 熊崎 匠1, 宮形 滋1, 松崎 章1, 本郷 隆二1, 高 大輔1, 下田 次郎1, 佐藤 良延1, 土田 正義1, 佐々木 秀平2

Teruaki KIGURE1, Tadashi HARADA1, Kazumi ETORI1, Takumi KUMAZAKI1, Shigeru MIYAGATA1, Akira MATSUZAKI1, Ryuji HONGOH1, Daisuke KOH1, Jiro SHIMODA1, Yoshinobu SATOH1, Seigi TSUCHIDA1, Shuhei SASAKI2

1秋田大学医学部泌尿器科, 2市立秋田総合病院泌尿器科

1Department of Urology, Akita University School of Medicine, 2Department of Urology, Akita City Hospital

キーワード : Microwave coagulation, Prostate, Electronic sector scanning, Hyperechoic area, Acoustic shadow

We introduced a technique of transurethral microwave coagulation of the prostate under transabdominal sector scanning. In 6 patients, this method was performed in order to relieve obstructive symptoms caused by prostatic cancer. In 10 patients with prostatic hypertrophy, this procedure followed by transurethral resection (TUR) was performed in order to eliminate hemorrhage during TUR. Transabdominal sector scanning gave us useful information during the microwave coagulation procedure. With this method, we were able to find the microwave applicator clearly which had a hyperechoic area and an acoustic shadow. Moreover, we could easily distinguish coagulated areas from noncoagulated areas because the ultrasonogram showed a hyperechoic region in the coagulated area.
After the procedure, all patients with severe dysuria were able to void satisfactorily without any serious complications such as perforation or bleeding.
Our clinical results indicate that transabdominal electronic sector scanning is a useful method during microwave coagulation of the prostate.