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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1988 - Vol.15

Vol.15 No.04

Original Article(原著)

(0317 - 0324)

慢性肝炎・肝硬変の超音波診断 第二部 多変量解析に基づく診断法

Ultrasonography in Chronic Hepatitis and Cirrhosis Part 2 Diagnosis by Means of a Multivariate Analysis

丁子 清

Kiyoshi CHOJI


Department of Radiology, Hokkaido University School of Medicine

キーワード : Ultrasound diagnosis, Chronic hepatitis, Liver cirrhosis, Multivariate statistical analysis

This paper presents a new method of diagnosis of chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis based upon the statistical analysis of findings observed in ultrasonographic images. The author applied a method of multivariate discriminant analysis using the categorical data for six significant findings reported in Part 1 of this paper. Initially, analysis was performed on the basis of all findings: Hepatic Vein Narrowing (HVNARRW), Hepatic Vein Irregularity (HVIRREG), Echotexture of the Liver (ECHOTEXTURE), Surface Echo Irregularity (SURFACE), Liver Blunting (BLUNTING), and Spleen Size (SPLEEN). Further analyses were conducted by selecting various combinations of findings, in order to determine their feasibility for clinical diagnosis. It was revealed that ECHOTEXTURE is an indispensable finding. Optimum diagnostic results are obtained when combinations of three or more findings, including ECHOTEXTURE and HVNARRW, are used as input to the statistical analysis. Based on these results, it was determined that a practical method of diagnosis is capable of being implemented.