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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1985 - Vol.12

Vol.12 No.04

Original Article(原著)

(0321 - 0327)


Measurement of Portal Blood Flow by an Ultrasonic ʻʻDuplexʼʼ System Composed of a Pulsed Doppler Flowmeter and a Linear-type Real Time B Mode Electroscanner
—Fundamental Study—

白木 茂博1, 後藤 和夫1, 野口 良樹1, 岡山 安孝1, 松葉 周三1, 尾関 規重2, 武内 俊彦2, 瀬尾 育弐3

Shigehiro SHIRAKI1, Kazuo GOTO1, Yoshiki NOGUCHI1, Yasutaka OKAYAMA1, Shuzo MATSUBA1, Norishige OZEKI2, Toshihiko TAKEUCHI2, Yasutsugu SEO3

1岐阜県立多治見病院消化器科, 2名古屋市立大学医学部第一内科, 3東芝医用器機技術研究所

1Department of Gastroenterology, Gifu Prefectural Tajimi Hospital, 2First Department of Internal Medicine, Nagoya City University Medical School, 3Medical Engineering Laboratory, TOSHIBA Corp.

キーワード : Pulsed Doppler flowmeter, Portal blood flow

 In a fundamental examination, we attempted to see if there is any problem in the determination of partial blood flow velocity using SAL50A/SDL01A (TOSHIBA). In a water bath study using preserved blood, the ratio of the actual mean velocity (Vmean) to the maximum velocity estimated from the Doppler spectrum (VDmax), i.e. Vmean/VDmax, was 0.54. This index remained almost unchanged even when the tube diameter, incidence angle or sampling width was varied. However, the degree of error in the estimation of the mean velocity from the Doppler spectrum (VDmean) varied according to the size of the tube and the sampling width. Therefore, for determination of partial blood flow velocity in vivo, it was considered better to multiply VDmax by the index (0.54) than to use VDmean.