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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1985 - Vol.12

Vol.12 No.02

Original Article(原著)

(0138 - 0144)


Measurement of "Congestion Index" of the Portal Vein by an Ultrasonic Duplex System

森安 史典1, 西田 修1, 伴 信之1, 中村 武史1, 宋 泰成3, 越智 次郎1, 酒井 正彦1, 三宅 健夫2, 内野 治人1

Fuminori MORIYASU1, Osamu NISHIDA1, Nobuyuki BAN1, Takefumi NAKAMURA1, Yasunari SOH3, Jiro OCHI1, Masahiko SAKAI1, Takeo MIYAKE2, Haruto UCHINO1

1京都大学医学部第一内科, 2京都大学医学部老年科, 3県立尼崎病院消化器内科

1The First Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University, 2The Department of Geriatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University, 3Amagasaki Prefectural Hospital

キーワード : Ultrasonic duplex system, Pulsed Doppler flowmeter, Portal hypertension, Portal vein, Congestion index

 We have entitled the ratio of the cross-sectional area and blood flow velocity the "Congestion Index" of the portal vein. Both the cross-sectional area and the blood flow velocity were measured by an ultrasonic duplex system. Congestion Index (C.I.) was calculated by the equation, C.I.=Cross-sectional area (cm²) / Blood flow velocity (cm/sec). The results were as follows; Normal subjects: 0.070±0.029 cm·sec (n=85, mean±S.D.), Acute hepatitis: 0.071±0.014 cm·sec (n=11), Chronic inactive hepatitis: 0.075±0.030 cm·sec (n=16), Chronic active hepatitis: 0.119±0.084 cm·sec (n=42), Cirrhosis: 0.171±0.075 cm·sec (n=72), Idiopathic portal hypertension: 0.180±0.107 cm·sec (n=11), Hepatocellular carcinoma: 0.178±0.065 cm·see (n=23). In the last four groups, there were statistically significant differences from the normal subject group. From the clinical diagnostic point of view, the C.I. has a high differencial sensitivity (90% in cirrhosis, idiopathic portal hypertension, and hepatocellular carcinoma). A positive correlation was obtained between the C.I. and the portal venous pressure, measured percutaneously and simultaneously. (n=66, r=0.45, p