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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1984 - Vol.11

Vol.11 No.02

Case Report(症例報告)

(0077 - 0080)


A Case of the Chronic Pancreatitis Showed Interesting Ultrasonographic Findings; Comperative Study of the Findings of Ultrasonography and Histology

権藤 守男1, 霞 富士雄2, 田中 秀3, 佐久間 浩3

Morio GONDOU1, Fujio KASUMI2, Hide TANAKA3, Hiroshi SAKUMA3

1癌研究所会附属病院内科, 2癌研究所会附属病院外科, 3癌研究所会附属病院中検

1Cancer Institute Hospital, 2Cancer Institute Hospital, 3Cancer Institute Hospital

キーワード : chronic pancreatitis, echogenicity, fibrosis, internal echo, ultrasonography

We have experienced a case of chronic pancreatitis which showed interesting ultrasonographic findings. The patient had two homogenous, well-defined hypoechoic lesions in the body and the tail of the pancreas. Histologically, these hypoechoic findings were due to severe fibrosis caused by chronic pancreatitis. Edematous change and malignancy were not seen. As a result of this research, it was proved that severe fibrosis of the chronic pancreatitis was showed as hypoechoic lesion ultrasonographically.