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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1984 - Vol.11

Vol.11 No.01

Original Article(原著)

(0031 - 0036)

Real-time B-mode超音波検査の手術への応用とその有用性

The Application and Usefulness of Real-time B-mode Ultrasound in Surgical Operations

町 淳二, シーグル バーナード

Junji MACHI, Bernard SIGEL


Department of Surgery, University of Illinois

キーワード : operative ultrasound, high resolution real-time B-mode ultrasound, vascular surgery, biliary surgery, pancreatic surgery

Recent advances in high resolution real-time B-mode ultrasound have made it possible to employ ultrasonic methods in a variety of surgical fields. Based on our practical experiences with operative ultrasound in more than 700 operations, we surveyed this technology in applying to vascular, biliary and pancreatic surgery. Operative ultrasound is a simple and safe method as well as a highly accurate technique which is comparable and, in some respects, superior to arteriography in detecting vascular defects and to cholangiography as a screening test for common bile duct calculi. New diagnosis, localization and exclusion of pancreatic pathology can be obtained by the operative use of ultrasound. We believe that along with operative x-ray, this method will be of great benefit to the surgeon, providing useful information which could contribute to a number of operations in terms of operative mortality and morbidity. The further advance of this relatively new technique would depend on surgeons who will become familiar with this method and its image, and upon the development of ultrasound instruments, such as an appropriate probe for each surgical procedure.