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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1983 - Vol.10

Vol.10 No.03

State of the Art(特集)

(0201 - 0205)


Analysis and Display of Blood Flow Signal by Ultrasonic Doppler Technic

佐藤 裕

Yutaka SATO


Research and Development Center, Hitachi Medical Corporation

キーワード :

To display the blood flow pattern, some real time frequency analysis technic is used popularly. These are FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation), CZT (Chirp Z Transformation) and heterodyne method for time compression. But, by any real time frequency analysis technic, the blood flow pattern is delayed with other display i.e., M-mode, ECG or PCG. I have analyzed this delay time by simulation and experimentation. The good agreement is obtained in the simulation and experimental result.