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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1983 - Vol.10

Vol.10 No.03

Original Article(原著)

(0173 - 0179)


Ultrasonic Findings of Acute Appendicitis

高橋 泰行1, 苅谷 幹雄1, 辻本 正彦1, 荻田 房子2, 上原 信彦3

Yasuyuki TAKAHASHI1, Mikio KARIYA1, Masahiko TSUJIMOTO1, Fusako OGITA2, Nobuhiko UEHARA3

1耳原総合病院内科, 2耳原総合病院放射線科, 3耳原総合病院外科

1The Department of Internal Medicine, Mimihara General Hospital, 2The Department of Radiology ,Mimihara General Hospital, 3The Department of Surgery ,Mimihara General Hospital

キーワード : ultrasonography, acute appendicitis

Twenty two patients with acute appendicitis confirmed by operation were examined by ultrasonography for the period of 18 months from January 1981 to June 1982. The ultrasonic findings of acute appendicitis is consisted with two components; 1) appendix was demonstrated as low echo area with double walls (appe echo), 2) high level echo was surrounding the appendix under the peritoneum.
In 18 cases, appendix could be demonstrated (82 percent) and in 16 cases high level echo around the appendix was observed (73 percent). With surgical intervention, in 14 out of 16 patients accumlation of omentum around the appendix was observed.
Appe echo、could be divided in two types, hypoechoic wall type (10 cases) and echogenic wall type (8cases). In comparison with ultrasonic and surgical findings echogenic wall type seemed to indicate sever appendicitis than hypoechoic wall type.
Therefore it was concluded that appe echo which seemed to indicate a swelling appendix and high level echo around the appendix were very helpful findings to diagnose acute appendicitis and echogenic wall type with high level echo should be performed appendectomy.