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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1983 - Vol.10

Vol.10 No.01

Original Article(原著)

(0019 - 0025)


Ultrasonic Diagnosis of the Breast Diseases by Electronic Linear Scanner

高橋 良和1, 小山 博記1, 山本 貴代美2, 北村 次男2

Yoshikazu Takahashi1, Hiroki Koyama1, Kiyomi Yamamoto2, Tsugio Kitamura2

1大阪府立成人病センター外科, 2大阪府立成人病センター超音波検査室

1Department of Surgery, The Center for Adult Diseases, Osaka, 2Laboratory of Ultrasonics, The Center for Adult Diseases,Osaka

キーワード : breast, electronic linear scanner, diagnosis, ultrasound

 Clinical application of a real time linear array scanner for breast diseases was proven to have several advantages, in comparison with a mechanical scan which has been used hitherto;
 1) Diagnostic accuracy was satisfactory for practical use (84% for cancer and 81 % for benign diseases).
 2) Echo images obtained by the real time scanner were of essentially the same quality in the contour, margin, internal echo and bottom echo of a tumor.
 3) The real time scanner seemed to be very useful for clinical practice and also for a mass-screening, because of its easy and time-saving manipulation, its wide range of continuous tomography, its minimum image deformation caused by breath movements.