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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1982 - Vol.9

Vol.9 No.04

Original Article(原著)

(0329 - 0332)


Ultrasound Evidence of the Difference between Male and Female Fetus Size During Pregnancy

佐藤 章1, 劉 雪美1, 山辺 紘猷1, 経塚 光夫1, 井戸川 敏彦1, 遠藤 力1, 山口 祐1, 康 春華2

Akira SATO1, Yukimi LIOU1, Hironori YAMANOBE1, Mitsuo KYOZUKA1, Toshihiko IDOGAWA1, Chikara ENDO1, Yu YAMAGUCHI1, Shunka KOH2

1東北大学医学部産科学婦人科学教室, 2仙台社会保険病院産婦人科

1Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Tohoku University School of Medicine, 2Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Sendai Insurance Hospital

キーワード : ultrasonic scanning, fetus size, crown-rump length, bipanetal diameter, sex differences

In order to know the difference between male and female fetus size during pregnancy, a series of normal pregnancies were studied by ultrasonic scanning. We measured the parameters of gastational sac and crown-rump length in first trimester. Also we measured the parameters of biparietal diameter, head circumference, chest circumference, abdominal circumference from 20 to 42 weeks of gestation. According to our results, male fetuses were already larger than female ones in first trimester.